Monday, May 24, 2010

old gold

I love this blog so dearly...I can't believe I haven't posted in almost two weeks! I finally have the time to blog, and I thought I would share a few old things that have been making me feel like new again.

First, my latest thrift find: the perfect pair of 90's high-waisted denim shorts. I went in looking for a Virgin Suicide-y white dress that I could wear while laying around in grassy meadows and reading Whitman. Instead, I trolled through racks and racks of perfect grungey floral shift dresses and 80's button-up house dresses with lace Peter Pan collars. This would have been amazing if I 1. had no boobs a la Kate Moss and 2. had enough time to alter them. Alas, I have too much of one thing and not enough of the other, so I emerged with these instead.
My light-wash jean shorts addiction is becoming slightly problematic.

Next, I rediscovered my old silver baby brush and almost immediately realized its potential for taming/resuscitating my bangs during the day...

I also found a book that is not really a book...

...but a jewelry box!

I've recently taken to wearing my great-grandpa's old monogrammed pocketwatch as a necklace (Flava Flav style) and my grandma's big gold crown pin (which I conveniently forgot to photograph up close).

Besides the fact that vintage shopping is much better for the environment than buying brand-new, there's an element of intrigue that draws me into the depths of Value Village and the Salvation Army. Old objects have a quality about them that new things lack - there's always a little mystery there, a sense that the pin or ring or pair of pants you're holding has a story to tell you. I love the concept of wearable history - and the idea that with each step you take, you're adding a chapter to a story of your own.

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  1. Great post, Em!
    If you ever need someone to value village hunt with, let me know. I'm a pro :)


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