Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Week in Pictures:

1. OPI by Sephora in Mermaid to Order 2. Today's outfit: vintage paisley silk blouse, vintage belt, Anthropologie shorts. 3. Braided with a (barely visible) green ribbon. 4. Azaleas. 5. My precious floral docs 6. Springtime trees

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I really need a new swimsuit. Soon. And I've decided that I'm going to go in a different direction than my usual teeny-tiny-bottoms and too-skimpy-top strategy. To hell with tanlines - I want a vintage-looking, high-waisted maillot!

Airborne Bikini (Anthropologie)
I love this swimsuit. It's bound to be flattering, and there's a teeny little ruffle along the bottom of the...bottoms...that might make it seem as if I actually had hips. Perfect.

Long Soak Bikini (Anthropologie)
I love this one, too. I feel like if one was to go on a yacht, one would want to wear this swimsuit. How cute would it look with a ship captain's hat? Just saying.

I have a feeling this would look good on literally anybody, and it also has one of the most supportive tops ever (which I really need to take into account when shopping for swimwear). So cute!

I like this one because I'm pretty sure it's in every 1950's beach movie ever made. My only concern is that it's a little too Minnie Mouse...

The details on this one are so mind-bogglingly girly, I don't know if even I could handle it...but I do really love the color and the shape. The question remains, though...could I actually swim in it?

Decisions, decisions...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am a serious student, an athlete, an artist, and a feminist. I love learning. I memorize Shakespearian sonnets for fun, and spend my leisure time engrossed in Tolstoy or Garcia Márquez. From June to August, I am a volunteer counselor at my childhood summer camp. This is who I am. But because I am female and interested in fashion, most people (particularly those within the academic community) assume that I am somehow less scholarly than one who doesn’t express herself through clothing. I battle typecasting every day. Because I follow a seemingly superficial industry, I am often dismissed as shallow. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. I love design because it is a captivating subset of the art world. If my critics considered it, they might realize that the fashion industry is a complex, multi-billion dollar business that balances art, sociology, international trade, and human rights issues. But the transition from unawareness to understanding requires a willingness to see past the exterior. Stereotypes are born of ignorance. Those who fail to look beyond my vintage skirts and high heels make uninformed judgments and are in peril of fulfilling their own behavioral prophesies for underestimation. Succumbing to stereotypical thinking feeds complacency, allowing discriminators to be outwitted by those they undervalue. In other words, they may be working for me one day! It may be easy to conform, but I am so much happier when I like what I’m wearing – I see no point in compromising my individuality to assuage another’s misapprehensions. My scholarly successes are even sweeter when they defy the expectations of the doubtful. I am glad that stereotypes don’t define my existence – I find fulfillment by setting my own standards.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011: shod

I had such a wonderful experience with the Idyll store! Now, it's time to address the long-neglected Fall 2011 collections. There were so many beautiful details this season, but I want to start with my favorite shoes:

Alexander McQueen:
So crazy and sculptural - and somehow the heather grey and little loop make them just feminine enough for me to love them. (P.S. How long until these end up on Lady Gaga?)

I love the dark pansy print, and the ankle-bangle strap is so lovely and delicate. Graphic floral prints are my addiction. These classically shaped shoes were the perfect anchors to this crazy collection, too!

It's like these were MADE for me. I literally can not picture a more perfect shoe for fall.

Comme des Garcons:
Saddle shoes meet clown shoes? So very cute and cheeky - the little bows on the toes are one of the surprisingly feminine details that make me love Comme so much. And the patent leather, which I usually detest, looks so very appropriate and Shirley Temple-esque here.

Standard Chanel, but I absolutely adore the shiny finish. The cap toe and Victorian buttons keep them ladylike and classic, but there's a dark, nearly destroyed quality about the material that make them more accessible and fun.

Burberry Prorsum:
Wouldn't these be incredibly fun to wear? I would fearlessly clop around the city in these.

Miu Miu:
I had to shamelessly rip this picture from geometricsleep, because the detail shots of this show aren't up on yet. Glittery! Curvy!

Snakeskin usually repulses me, but it feels so right here as an accent. The shape of the heel kills me - these would be incredible with black tights and drapey sweater dress.

I need these to further my efforts to dress like Madeline.