Sunday, December 27, 2009

more is more

I love this picture. I am not usually one to glorify excess and revel in consumerism, but something about this photo is just too enchanting for me to cynically reject. I love Marc Jacobs (which is probably the primary reason). I love his 2394057342987 rainbow-brite tattoos. I love his European muscle hunk husband. I love his European muscle hunk husband's ponytail. I love his 80's speedo, his beach Birkin, and their couple's LV towel set. I love the (not pictured) gold Rolex, mayyyyjor bling earrings, and sassy chain necklace Marc and Lorenzo are sporting. It all just makes me want to skip down to St. Bart's for a little taste of the beautiful life with the fabbest gays around...I guess excess, like everything else, is okay in moderation.

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