Wednesday, December 23, 2009

pas de deux

Lately, I've found myself drawn much more to skirts and dresses than boring old jeans. Dresses are much more fun and comfortable, and are perfect for lazy people like me. Just throw one on, and most of your outfit is finished! I've been looking for some pretty new frocks to wear with tights and sweaters this winter...there's just so many to choose from!

Anthropologie never disappoints...I love the sparkly details, I'm totally enchanted by anything beaded. All it needs is a fuzzy grey sweater and thick tights!

I would wear this dress every day. But with a little more clothing/modesty than that model. (American Apparel)

This dress would look rediculous on my body type, but I lovelovelove nautical stripes(honestly, I love anything having to do with the sea), and the sleeves remind me of Alexander Wang. (TBA)

I would totally play up the grittyness of this one with my ripped black tights and wooley socks tucked into big boots...I love the 90's Courtney Love vibe that the grey jersey and babydoll sillhouette impart. (TBA)

More Anthro. So so so charming.

How can I pick just one?

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