Thursday, April 29, 2010

i fake it so real.

During our school spirit week, most of the students (with only a few notable exceptions) tend to interpret Decade Day either one of two ways: neon, high ponytails and legwarmers, or halfhearted tie-dye Haneses and American Apparel headbands pushed a few inches farther down the forehead then normal. I took this as a sign: our community needed something more interesting then pale imitations of bygone eras. It needed something different. Something apart from the shiny, pink-cheeked cuteness of wearing purple leggings instead of black and labeling it "eighties". It needed grunge.

Okay, hear me out:

Flannel? Check. Tiny hair bow? Check. Ripped tights and red lipstick? Check. Infantile bangs, weird sunglasses, and strangely inappropriate snap-up dress that threatens to come undone at any second? Check. Surly-but-sensitive musician boyfriend? Living in Seattle? Check and check.

The only thing left to do when I got home was to put on my favorite Hole record and pretend it was 1993...

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