Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spring 2011 Couture: Chanel

There were 66 looks in the Chanel show, and honestly, I only truly loved a handful of them. The collection, when viewed as a whole, is very beautiful; everything is diaphanous and shimmery and the permeated with the hues of a winter sunrise. However, I didn't warm up to most of the individual looks. I was surprise by how many models came down the runway in variations of the same tweed coat/shiny, skinny disco trousers/flats. It's hard to top the Byzantine show, obviously...I almost wish that collection and this one had been swapped for couture week. But these looks were quite beautiful:

I really do love the idea of wearing a blousy, embellished silk t-shirt with a crazy skirt that shifts and swirls around you as you walk. A modern-day fairytale princess would wear these.

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