Monday, March 14, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011: shod

I had such a wonderful experience with the Idyll store! Now, it's time to address the long-neglected Fall 2011 collections. There were so many beautiful details this season, but I want to start with my favorite shoes:

Alexander McQueen:
So crazy and sculptural - and somehow the heather grey and little loop make them just feminine enough for me to love them. (P.S. How long until these end up on Lady Gaga?)

I love the dark pansy print, and the ankle-bangle strap is so lovely and delicate. Graphic floral prints are my addiction. These classically shaped shoes were the perfect anchors to this crazy collection, too!

It's like these were MADE for me. I literally can not picture a more perfect shoe for fall.

Comme des Garcons:
Saddle shoes meet clown shoes? So very cute and cheeky - the little bows on the toes are one of the surprisingly feminine details that make me love Comme so much. And the patent leather, which I usually detest, looks so very appropriate and Shirley Temple-esque here.

Standard Chanel, but I absolutely adore the shiny finish. The cap toe and Victorian buttons keep them ladylike and classic, but there's a dark, nearly destroyed quality about the material that make them more accessible and fun.

Burberry Prorsum:
Wouldn't these be incredibly fun to wear? I would fearlessly clop around the city in these.

Miu Miu:
I had to shamelessly rip this picture from geometricsleep, because the detail shots of this show aren't up on yet. Glittery! Curvy!

Snakeskin usually repulses me, but it feels so right here as an accent. The shape of the heel kills me - these would be incredible with black tights and drapey sweater dress.

I need these to further my efforts to dress like Madeline.

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