Wednesday, January 13, 2010

affairs to remember

I love pre-fall! Viewing the collections is so much fun when they're staged in a controlled environment that accurately reflects the designer's vision, versus the less perfect, variable-ridden surroundings of a fashion show. I found a lot of them to be sort of lackluster this time around, though...Tuleh, a label I have always liked purely because their name is adorable, featured some of the ugliest clothes I have seen in a while. They surpassed "youthful" and carried on straight into sloppy, infantilizing, and awkward. Lots of others just showed boring, hashed-out looks that are being ripped off at Forever21 as we speak. But a few labels did manage to pull out the best sort of pre-fall...wearable, but pretty enough to top wishlists and empty wallets.

Lanvin never disappoints. I love the way Alber (obviously, we are on a first-name basis) oscillated between "severe Russian nun with a jewelry and tassel fetish"...
...and "top to toe batty-but-chic leopard print lady". Personally, I would dress like either one in a hearbeat.

Everyone's all atwitter about this Proenza collection, which is TOTALLY's pretty much perfect. I mean, who doesn't love a good jumper?


Lazaro and Jack (also my bffs) do the best blues...judging from collections past, that is a leather skirt. sign me UP. Also, I don't think I'll ever be over the socks-scrunched-over-sexy-shoes thing.

LV was sort of...cartoonish? I really do love this dress though, and although those boots are pretty dubious I LOVE the kneesocks.

Missoni was sort of exactly like the last two collections, but less subtle. But who doesn't want to dress like this?
Perfect coats, knit bows, BEAUTIFUL shoes, and those amazing leggingtights.

And finally, Thakoon...I have a giant soft spot for Thakoon,everything he designs is just whimsical enough to make me fall head over heels. I adore the fringe motif and petal-shaped skirts that keep appearing, and who doesn't love a good nautical stripe?
This is the sort of monochrome I could actually stand a chance at pulling off.
So pretty! And it's nice to remember in the depths of January that spring is not so far off...

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