Monday, January 11, 2010

need supply

I'm still adoring the 1920's silhouette I posted on a few weeks ago...I love the "boyish" shape of all the clothes, and the subtle pleats and drapes that invariably take each dress to next-levular prettiness. Paul Poiret's designs are particularly captivating; all of his surviving clothes are inordinately lovely. Unfortunately, they are too delicate for anyone to wear, and for me there's something soulless about a dress that once knew glamour hanging limply on a dress form. Because of this, I much prefer his sketches. His clothes weren't just meant for wearing...they were meant for living.

I have a print of this one up on my wall.

I recently discovered the label One Vintage whilst wishlisting on Net-A-Porter...their 1920's inspired dresses really struck a chord with me, purely because of their authenticity. I could easily picture any one of them hanging in Jordan Baker's closet. The only thing holding me back is the pricetag...

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