Monday, February 1, 2010


I quite enjoyed Chloe pre-fall (Digression: I fully recognize and acknowledge that "pre-fall" is not a thing. Pre-fall is technically summer. However, good design is good design, no matter what phony consumer-driven gimmick promotes it).
Unlike most other - okay, EVERY other - person who follows these sorts of things, I have never minded Hannah MacGibbon for Chloe. In fact, I like her. A lot. Obviously Phoebe Philo is untouchable, but that's an unfair comparison to make under any circumstances. Maybe it's because I want to live in a parallel universe that melds 18th century romanticism, French impressionism, 1960's earth goddess organic communes, Tibet, oceans, wildflower meadows, old-growth forests, English manor houses, and unicorns...but she always serves up just the right amount of whimsical cutesy chicness to make me love her. AND she's the originator of the sweatpants-as-trousers-with-heels combination (AKA the look I could never pull off evereverever). ANYWAYS: Chloe pre-fall 2010. No blush pink, twee bows or wedge heels in sight.

For those days when you just need to smoke a pipe, exhibit your twisted genius, and drag your submissive doctor friend all over London.
It's Chloe. There had to be SOME ruffleage. But paired with the muted taupe and old man shoes...subtle! And I like the way the sleeves are reminiscent of the illusion netting on ice dancing costume. THAT is a sport.
Lovely. The two-tone collar is killing me.
I love the virginal color with the strange fit...and the epaulets make it not-granny.
Just the perfect amount of awkwardness. I love the full on plaid, and the pants are just oh so perfect. Sherlock Hepburn? Audrey Holmes?

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