Sunday, March 7, 2010


I really do love awards shows. There's something so special and unique about watching Hollywood royalty get all dressed up for a night of frivolity. I read once that it's not uncommon for celebrities spend $10,000 in preparation for this night, which is ridiculous and amazing and sort of tragic all at the same time. What about the people who don't look very good? How can this be a $10,000 day for them?

This year, there weren't too many dresses that I truly loved - most of the ones I saw were either costume-y, matronly, or junior-prom-y. But there were a few beautiful pieces that really captured my attention:

I liked Nicole's Reem Acra dress because it's so resoundingly different from the usual sparkly, formfitting strapless sheath that has become the standard at events like this.
Carrie Mulligan has been in two of my most favorite movies (Pride and Prejudice and An Education) and I love her haircut, so I was hoping she'd look good. And I love her Prada! It's just a little different from the basic black gown, and she wears it super well.
Vera Farmiga in Marchesa. I adore Marchesa, and their detailing is always incredible. I think this dress is wearing her a little bit more then she is wearing it...but again, props for taking the risk!
Usually this color scheme reminds me of the dreary watercolors that hang in cheap hotels and hospital corridors, but it looks very pretty on this Elie Saab Haute Coture dress. I think it has to do with the bodice and the petal shape of the skirt.
I adore Helen Mirren, she's so gorgeous and she has Captain Von Trapp for a date! Her Badgley Mischka is mature without being an "old lady dress", and she looks fab.
Big ups to Robert Downey Jr. for the Alber bowtie/Lavin ensemble in general. Guys in tuxedos all look the same to me, so I appreciate a little whimsy here and there.

The show was very well and good (I only paid about 40% of my attention to it as I was simultaneously finishing my homework and making tea), but all I could think about was how much I wanted Miley Cyrus to stand up straight.

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  1. soooo i loved these dresses....and i feel as though we should start a fund for a back brace for miley. poor deary...


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