Monday, November 22, 2010


I've decided to start posting outfit pictures on Idyll! I'm starting partially because many people have asked me to, and partially because I like the way I dress, but mostly because Refinery29 says outfit posts are a key step to achieving style blog fame and fortune.
Today was the very first snow day of the year! Snow is a very big deal to me and to my's probably our very favorite weather. Naturally, a photoshoot ensued.

Ellen is so gorgeous.

Mia Girl shoes, Silence + Noise dress, cardigan stolen from boyfriend, vintage L.L. Bean belt, vintage Ralph Lauren scarf, J. Crew python headband. Awkward poses, 100% original.

I just bought these boots and I absolutely adore them; they're the perfect everyday shoe and I've been wearing them...well, every day.


  1. Wow the photos with the snowy leaves in the background are gorgeous

    Paolina Alexandra
    Check me out!

  2. Emilyyyyy you are too adorable!!
    I miss you!


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