Tuesday, November 16, 2010

thank you for existing

The internet has answered my prayers. For so long, I believed that I was condemned to wade through hundreds of narcissistic, melodramatic self-portraits of skinny hipsters (whose style of dress, by the way, is simply a passe retreading of ancient trends that have been categorized as "edgy") on Lookbook in order to find really inspiring personal style shots. But now! Now I have discovered stylelikeu.com and my world has been rocked. Originality reigns supreme once again. Thanks, stylelikeu, for restoring my faith in the fashionable.

How beautiful and fabulous is this woman? I aspire to grow old irreverently.

All shapes, sizes, genders, and aesthetics welcome.

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  1. thank you for such a lovely post, it means so much to us to have your support! all the best and happy holidays,
    xo jordan
    marketing director, stylelikeu.com


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