Monday, November 29, 2010


I just LOVE a good holiday gift guide. Around this time of year, I comb retail websites for present-giving advice and then fantasize about being the kind of girl who winkingly gives Proenza Schouler wallets and Mongolian lambswool tippets to her bffs. Perhaps the day will come when that is actually feasible, but until then, here is my FANTASY HOLIDAY WISH LIST/GIFT GUIDE FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO GIVE A PRESENT TO A DESIGN/ART OBSESSED (NEARLY EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD) GIRL:

1. THIS incredible J.Crew skirt, but in a magical looks-like-the-real-deal fake leather, in keeping with my veganism. It is perfect. PERFECT.

2. The dress Eliza wears to the Embassy Ball in My Fair Lady, so I can save it and wear it for my wedding. Obviously.

3. THOSE floral Docs. Because I still do not own them, and that is a cause for great distress. They are apparently unavailable for purchase anywhere in the whole universe because believe me, I've tried.

4. An original Miranda July. Ha.

5. A singing voice like Pricilla Ahn's.

6. A purple Proenza Schouler PS1. I'm not even a bag person. The PS1 is just flawless.

7. THIS ring.

8. For my fringe to look like Alix's (The Cherry Blossom Girl)

In reality, I'll probably be asking for donations to the Central Asia Institute and a book of Keats poetry for Christmas. But a girl can dream...


  1. I love the ring and the satchel. The ring, especially. Thanks for sharing the images and drop by me too when you have time.


  2. just curious: why do you proselytize your veganism and refuse to wear a leather skirt but wear leather shoes, carry leather bags, etc.?

  3. Good question...first of all, I'm definitely not "proselytizing" - I'm not attempting to convert anyone. Choosing not to wear leather or eat animal products is a personal decision. My wish for that skirt to be made of synthetic materials is simply so I could allow myself to own it (if I could afford it, that is). It's a beautiful piece! Secondly, I have not bought new leather shoes since I became a vegan. However, I have bought vintage leather shoes. I don't purchase newly made animal products because I do not want to support the leather/meat industry. But vintage leather shoes, for example, have already been bought and sold at least once. Purchasing them at this stage does not contribute to the industries I am boycotting at all. Because those Doc Martins are several years old and can only be found on eBay or in secondhand shops, I would not be contradicting my veganism by purchasing them. Finally, I do not carry a leather bag. It is true that the PS1 is made of leather, but I could never buy it an I don't expect anyone to buy it for me. It's part of this fantasy wishlist, and it falls under the same category as the J. Crew skirt...I would consider it more seriously if it wasn't constructed of animal hide! I hope this satisfies your curiosity.


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