Thursday, June 10, 2010


I know that C.Sevs for Opening Ceremony has already been covered by...everybody...but I'm seriously dying over the entire collection. In the winter, I love putting together intricate outfits with lots of layers and details and weird shoes, but in the summer, I get lazy. I just want simple breezy seperates or loose dresses that look good with a tan and don't take too much effort to thow on in the morning. Chloe totally read my mind. I've been stalking the pictures from the launch party basically all day; I love any big gathering of amazing people, but a big gathering of amazing fashion people? I am SO on board.

See what I mean?
I see you, heart-lensed sunglasses.

The leopard in the middle will be mine.

I love all of this. It makes me so happy when celebrities actually design beautiful clothes! Jessica Simpson, take note.

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