Tuesday, June 22, 2010

paper cuts

I've really been loving the local art scene lately, and now that it's summer, I've been using a lot of my extra time to check out some new exhibits and learn about new artists! My two favorite discoveries so far are Whiting Tennis (more on him later) and the amazing Nikki McClure. Nikki does incredible paper cutouts that I fell in love with from the very first time I saw them - and she's based in Olympia! They're exquisitely detailed, and convey more depth, emotion, and feeling then one would think is possible to gain from a piece of paper. I love how she uses the dramatic contrast of black paper on a light background to add import to an otherwise simple scene, like an egg resting in a nest or a woman working in the garden. I'm definitely going to get a poster or two for my walls, and maybe one of her beautiful calendars too!
Some of my favorite images:

Urban Outfitters is also carrying this Nikki McClure notebook - this might just be my journal for summer 2010!

P.S. Thank you Nikki for permission to use your images in this post!

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