Saturday, June 12, 2010

new growth

Well...Stella McCartney has read my mind. Her resort 2011 line combines three of my most, most favorite design elements and encapsulates them into one fun, seriously beautiful collection.

#1: Lace!

I love this new take on the oversized lace trend - from Prada to Miu Miu and now to McCartney, I fall more in love with each new incarnation every season.

#2: Blues!

I love vibrant, brilliant blues more than almost any other color. I would wear the navy lace every day during the summer! And the sky-meets-the-sea blue of the suit is so lovely - the jacket has literally perfect proportions.

#3: Florals!

One look at my closest reveals my total preoccupation with floral prints, and I always have fresh or dried bouquets floating around in my room or in my house...even in my car! These prints remind me of illustrations from this old botany textbook I bought at a flea market a few years ago - I love how precise and realistic they are.

This suit didn't fit in any of my categories, but I'm obsessed with the lapel:

I love classic shapes like blazers and button-downs, and they're even better when there's an element of unorthodox construction about them. Just that little touch of asymmetry takes the entire look to a whole new level.

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  1. seems to me, stella came up with more feminine approach by that lace. i like the black one the most.


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