Sunday, June 20, 2010

writing is thinking on paper

It's that time of year again - I've filled all the pages of the journal I got at Christmastime...
...and I need to find a new one to help catalog my summer and aid me in my endless list-making. I usually get my journals from Anthropologie, but I thought I would shop around a little and see if I could find one from another source that I really love.

Of course, I had to start at Anthropologie, just to check...
I already love colorful, happy journals! This "Parisian Song" journal is colorful, happy, and French.

Next, I looked at Paper Source:

I really like this one primarily because I really do wreck all my journals, and it's nice to have permission for once.

Then I remembered seeing Archie Grand notebooks somewhere and loving them. I think I might end up getting one of these - my two favorites are:

I feel like every time I'll pick up this journal it will be like a little inside joke to myself. Other possibilities include "Communists I Met and Liked", "Pacifists I Met and Liked", "Nobel Laureates I Met and Liked", or if I'm feeling particularly sassy, "Husbands I Had and Liked".

I also need new stationary. I love this weird batik print one from Anthro:
It will be sad to shelve my pretty flowery journal filled with memories of Cambodia, endless sketches, and magazine collages - but the thought of a whole new ream of blank pages to be filled makes me feel better. Beautiful paper goods are my addiction.

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